What surveys can a Land Surveyor do?

Land surveys are a vital part of many different industries, from construction to property development to legal disputes. They can be used to determine the exact boundaries of a property, assess the condition of a building, or plan a new development. There are many different types of land surveys, each with its own specific purpose. 

Here is a brief overview of some of the most common types of land surveys in the UK:

      • Topographical Surveys / Land Surveys

      • Boundary Survey

      • Setting Out 

    A land survey being carried out

    Topographical Surveys / Land Surveys

    A topographic survey is a type of land survey that creates a detailed map of a piece of land. This type of survey typically includes information about the land’s elevation, vegetation, and man-made features. Topographic surveys are often used for planning purposes, such as site development or construction.

    Boundary Survey

    Boundary surveys are used to determine the exact boundaries of a property and are often required when there is a dispute between two or more parties who disagree on the boundary, location, ownership or liabilities of the boundary in question. The survey will help resolve the dispute by a land surveyor giving an accurate report.

    Setting Out

    Setting out surveys are used to mark the location of a property’s boundaries or the layout of a new development. This type of survey is often used by construction companies to ensure that their work is in accordance with the plans. The type of land survey that is right for you will depend on your specific needs. If you are unsure of what type of survey you need, you should get in touch with an experienced land surveyor.

    In addition to the types of surveys listed above, there are also a number of specialised land surveys that are used for specific purposes. For example, Monitoring Surveys where a land surveyor can check for and monitor geological movements and subsidence and provide accurate up-to-date vital information, or a Volumetric Survey which form the basis for volume calculations, surface area measurements, contours, and cross sections and Measured Building Surveys.

    Land surveys can be a complex and technical process, but they are an essential part of many different industries. If you are looking for a land surveyor in Bideford, then please do not hesitate to get in touch